Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Writing accountability post - February

February writing efforts were a mixed bag. Still too many goose egg red zeros on my weekend daily wordcounts.

I had a even split of time spent with new wordage and time spent editing. I continued to put words on the novel while also producing short stories.

The good news is that I polished and submitted three stories to slush piles this month.

That brings my current total to six stories out in the ether right now. One I suspect fell through cracks, one is awaiting publication, one is submitted by invite and these three on the slush piles.

In addition, I did complete the rough of a sword-&-sorcery story but fell short of getting the polish completed before month-end. I'll complete and submit this week but that will count for March, not February.

I'm always slower than I want but at least there is forward motion.


  1. While you may not have hit your goals, you're making measurable progress, always a good thing.

  2. I've written a couple of decent short pieces but have not been writing consistently. Took too much time off during my time off.