Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The World of Kindle

I received a very surprise gift at Christmas - a Kindle.

I have downloaded and I am now reading Arthur Conan Doyle's The White Company.

I also ordered a cover/case right away. I already dropped it once (luckily with no damage) getting it out of the box (don't want to carry it around in a cardboard box, anyway.)

Nothing replaces the feel of a real book. I'll still get those, too. (just did a post-holiday Amazon order, in fact.) But having access to classics and out-of-print (hoping more and more out-of-print books get into the digital realm) make it appealing.


  1. Congrats. Yes, I got the case right away, for the same reason. I've really enjoyed mine.

  2. Thanks, Charles.

    Another note: any book over at Amazon.com has a "tell the publisher you'd like this book for Kindle" click-link - if it isn't already.

    I've already looked up and clicked a bunch of out-of-print books. Hopefully, I'm not a lone voice in the wilderness for some of the titles I chose.

    I'm also really enjoying the inline dictionary for all these medieval, archaic terms in The White Company. Very handy.