Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ought update once in a while, eh?

Sorry you get about one post per month out of me.

This month has been busy with non-reading and non-writing related stuff. A lot of house rearrangement.

And my workplace company moved. Fortunately for me, it's ridiculously close to home. That was pure luck, I had no say in the choice of the new location.

I also got on a huge music kick and I have been acquiring archives for my vinyl - trying to go digital there and free some home space, too.

I read Planet Stories reissue of Piers Anthony's Steppe. Honestly, I thought it was a drag. I just couldn't suspend disbelief, the language was too informal (perhaps this was a y.a. title before they were classified as such?) and far too much exposition that was not only front-loaded but kept coming back.

I wanted to get behind Paizo for adding some newer titles to their classics, but Steppe just didn't move me. I don't know if it is representative of Anthony's writing or not. I believe it's the only title of his that I have read.

Not sure what I'll read next. I feel like I've neglected the Kindle, might be time for another eBook.

Keep reading, keep writing, and keep jamming!


  1. The last books in the Dray Prescot series are available on kindle.

  2. Love it when work is close to home-sweet.

  3. Charles - that's great. I haven't read any of them and I found last night the ebook omnibuses! (and your review!) $10 for the first five books - more than fair. I'll definitely be grabbing these.

    I wish someone would work with ERB Properties and release the entire ERB Barsoom/Mars series as an e-omnibus or two. All I've found are various e-collections of the first five books (the ones that are out of copyright.)

    David - it is a very large perk which (for me) counterbalances some of the growing unpleasantry. I just hope it lasts.