Saturday, September 11, 2010

I iMac

Nothing new to report. Too busy with stuff, just about getting in my reading, never mind my writing.

Lost some time to a crashing computer - an old PC - and decided I'd finally had enough of Windows. We bought an iMac for home. I'm not bothering to debate pros and cons. At this point in my computing life, I feel the Mac is the right place for me. I'm not a gamer. If I were, I'd go console, anyway. I like the creative tools for a Mac - GarageBand to start with. Some interesting writing software, too.

So, in addition to "life in general" stuff, I've been spending evenings setting up software, peripherals and transferring files.

My biggest discovery this week was the Cee Lo Green single, "F--- You." (And it sounds like 'Gnarls Barkley' because Cee Lo is one half of that duo.)

Yeah, it might seem a juvenile title, and it is, but the song is an incredibly catchy pop piece with heavy Motown/old-school-R&B overtones. The video is cute and humorous, too.

Cee Lo Green, "F--- You" NSFW language

I know to folks who know my blues/rock side, this might be a surprise. But, sometimes there is a pop tune that gets to me in a good way. It is a rare occurrence. Like, once every five or ten years. This song is one of those. Certainly, your mileage might vary.


  1. Mwahaha. Welcome to the Apple Side of the Force, young jedi.

  2. Never used a Mac. Lana said she wanted one but ended up getting a PC. I doubt there's a huge difference between them although I know some folks who seem have religious beliefs almost about their computers

  3. I'd be interested in hearing what you think of the Mac, since I think I may be looking for a new system nearly next year-so whatever you think of using it to write would be especially helpful.

  4. Ty; thanks.

    Charles; for me it really was a slow evolution. And a couple of MacHead friends, plus using one more & more at work and seeing how far its come and how much more compatible the two platforms are now.

    David; Certainly. I am most interested in trying "Scrivener" at this point. You can find a good overview article and video here, which pretty much pushed me to cross the line.

    Macworld article.

  5. OK - it's more the video than article, which is a lot of links to other articles. Watch the video.

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