Friday, December 3, 2010

Leftovers and waiting

I have leftovers.

Not food.

Unfinished tales.

I need to get them sorted out and off my back. I suppose I could let them go, but part of me believes if I get these monkeys off my back and in their cages, I'll feel better about diving into something larger and new. Far past time I try my hand at a novel.

So, what do I have? Well, I can't give away much.

I have a weird western, a sword-n-planet and a space-opera idea I've been kicking for awhile that feels more leftover than new. I really need to crank out the rough draft.

It's the weekend. Time for caffeine in evening (though, that darn seasonal eggnog & rum are calling ;) )

I am also in my "don't buy anything for yourself" phase of the year. With my late November birthday and Christmas coming, I lay off the Amazon wishlist purchases.

The good news is that I have a pile of Amazon gift certificates waiting (Amazon Visa is a wonderful thing for a book lover.) I'll be getting any books I really want if I don't receive them as gifts. I just need to hold out until Dec 26th.


  1. Hang in there Paul, you'll finish em and find a home.

  2. You know I'd like to see that S & P story. Keep me in mind and get 'er done. :)

  3. If you're like me, you've started a million projects, and finished FEW.

    DON'T BE LIKE ME, lol !