Sunday, May 8, 2011

Free Comic Book Day results

I hadn't planned on shopping on Free Comic Book Day. But, I received a Facebook note from a local music/comic chain (Newbury Comics) and in addition to free comics, they offered 'buy one graphic novel, get a 2nd for $1'.

So, I took my daughter and headed out. We were there by 10:45AM and it was quiet. The hardcore crowds had already descended and gone. The freebies were wiped out. No big loss - though I had thought about getting the new Elric series teaser if it was there.

I also wanted to get some Hellboy graphic novels, but they had none. I went with two Hellboy spinoffs, BPRD (vol 7) and Witchfinder (vol 1). I would have liked to start earlier in BPRD, but that was the oldest volume they had on hand.

I also bought a $1 grab bag. Came out with a 1-in-10 rare Red Sonja issue (cover art is "virgin" - no imprint). The oddest thing in the grab bag has to be Female Force with a fictional(?) spy account of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Definitely not one I'd read on my own, but because I have it, I'm rather curious read it. Grab bag also had #1 of The Expendables. I don't know if it is the movie adaptation or a spinoff of the movie storyline. (sequel or prequel?)

And a free pint glass, too.

Not a bad haul for spur of the moment shopping.


  1. I could swear I had a grab bag that also contained Fem Force from a couple years ago-I never really looked at it but now I wanna go see if it is the Carla Bruni one.

  2. My mistake it was...ready?

    Victoria's Secret Service (insert joke here)