Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reading, 2012

Soon, many folks will be posting their year-end reading wrap-up posts. This year my prose reading will end with a very low count. I hope to fare better next year. I am going to try for a minimum of two books per month, and get at least twenty-four read. I do not want to get too caught up in the final numbers, though. My reading is still a pleasure activity and I don't want it to become a chore. That is one reason I prefer the occasional, informal book review on my blog rather than an assigned, scheduled review for a semi-pro web site.

Next year, I would also like to read more authors who are new to me. I have many sale/free books on my Kindle now. Most are the first novels in series to pull in new readers. And, I have a few on my bookshelf, too.

I'll be adding miscellaneous online stories, comics and graphic novels to the mix, too.

Here are a couple of covers of ones I am looking forward to reading (hopefully, early in the year.)


  1. I've got both of these on my Nook and will be posting reviews soon.

  2. That Southern gods looks like a SIlver John type book, the only Manly Wade Wellman character.

  3. Charles, did you see this?


    Haffner's are pricey but I am *real* interested in that book.

  4. Haffner may be pricey, but they're worth it. The binding is superior to most books these days, and he does a great job with every book he publishes. I take advantage of his early bird specials since Haffner's tastes and mine are so alike. That way I get a discount on books I was planning on buying anyway.