Monday, January 9, 2012

The Masterworks

I'd been searching for a comprehensive list of all the titles that fall into these series.  The lists on Wikipedia are fine, but I was wondering about the covers. (Fantasy, SciFi)

Someone has already done the footwork.  Here are the Fantasy Masterworks and the SciFi Masterworks.
(though, they seem to be missing the hardcover-only SF editions, such as A Canticle for Leibowitz)

These are British editions.  I don't plan on collecting them all, that book monkey on my back is already the size of a Mighty Joe Young, but I have some of these and would like to cherry-pick some more.

With the ISBN numbers, I was able to find a bookdealer on AbeBooks who got me these books even cheaper than ordering (and shipping) from, so I might try that again.  Need to be sure though, with the ISBN, so I don't end up with a different imprint.


  1. Paul, your link to the SciFi Masterworks takes the viewer back to the Fantasy Masterworks page.

  2. Abebooks has some great stuff available. I've got a lot of things from them.