Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here's to health!

I've been rather quiet in 'netLand the past few weeks because I have been fighting one tenacious bug (upper respiratory virus that went into infection.) Finally reached fevers and antibiotics, and had to use official sick days for work (very rare for me.)

Just starting to get normal now, still have some rest and recovery ahead.

That, however, compared to very serious health crisis being faced by friends and colleagues just pales in comparison.  Charles's wife Lana, of course.  Tom's blood issue (hemochromatosis.)  Also, someone at my workplace has undergone brain surgery.

I haven't finished reading anything, but I have started on the History of the Runestaff omnibus.  Illness ate into my reading time.  I hate it when fevers bug my eyes so I can't even read while I'm sitting around doing nothing.  I *hate* that.

My kids, of course, caught various versions of coughs themselves, so I was on constant fever watch with them.  They got through this round okay.  (which is good, because my son had a rotten tonsil infection himself a few weeks ago with a scary fever.)

Mild winter is apparently more compromising on your health than a normal, cold one.

So, here's to your good health and to the good health of all those around you!


  1. Better living through chemistry! I'm glad you got the appropriate pharmaceuticals and are now on the mend.

    Mild winters can be harder on your health because not all the pollens and molds die or go dormant to the extent they do in harsh winters.

  2. Same thing nailed us out here in MT. Good health to all.

  3. It is good when you feel a little better. Mild winters don't kill all the bugs, I guess.

  4. *raises a glass of caugh syrup* Here's to better health! Glad you are on the mend.