Monday, June 3, 2013


Doctor Who: Dreamland
This was a pleasant surprise.

I'd bought this one a while ago, just because I'm a completist - I piggybacked it on some Amazon order or other.  I spotted it in my Doctor Who Annex and decided to finally watch it.

The Doctor stops at an American roadside diner for a bowl of chili.  Rather than food, he comes face to face with an alien artifact, large bug aliens, MIBs, Roswell aliens, U. S. military conspiracy, Area 51 and a flying saucer or two.  He makes friends, defeats enemies, and saves the Earth - again!

The CGI animation is stiff and no-frills - which is a bit odd when you have access to CGI.  But,  a few minutes of hearing David Tennant as the Doctor (again) made me put aside any misgivings about the visuals.  This a fun story, and as much as Matt Smith's current run as the Doctor has been enjoyable, seeing something 'new' from Tennant was pure joy, even if his face was animated by a computer.

The DVD set also comes with a bonus disc of the Greatest Moments specials that featured highlights and interview snippets from cast & guest stars.  They were a fun review of the Eccleston and Tennant years (minus the last specials from Tennant.)   Of course, I wish it had been a full retrospective back to the original series - especially when delving into old foes.

It made me & my wife want to re-watch the current (2005-) series all over again.


  1. Don't know enough about Dr. Who to comment intelligently.

  2. I enjoyed Dreamland much for the same reasons as you. Just to have one more romp with David Tennant, even if he was animated. Speaking of which, did you see the two-part Sara Jane Adventures episode with Tennant? That's worth your time as well if not.