Thursday, March 6, 2014

Acting My Face by Anthony James

If, like me, you are a child of 1970s television and film, then you know the face, if not the name.

My wife has gotten very involved in our town's cable access television station. It turns out one of her compatriots is a very good friend of Anthony James. In fact, in the afterword her friend is mentioned as one of the main driving forces that convinced James' his memoir was worth writing and his personal story worth getting out to the public.

So, the above is a personally autographed copy to my wife.

I was wondering how a guy here in Massachusetts made an in-road of friendship with a L.A. Hollywood guy.

Well, a quick glance at the book told me.

Since 1994, Anthony James has been living here in Massachusetts, pursing the life of a retired actor turned artist. He retired from acting and moved across the country. In fact, he and I lived in the same town for an overlap of about five years! You'd think I'd have picked up on him at a grocery store or something! Then again, if I saw him, I would probably have done a double-take and then shook my head and thought, "He sure looks like that guy from Hollywood."

You never know - it is a small world.

I look forward to reading it!


  1. Very cool. It's like when I lived in the north Dallas area and found out that Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) lived in the area. Only I never met him.

  2. I certainly remember that face. I think I saw him in quite a few westerns.

  3. I think I remember him from westerns mostly too. Very cool.

  4. I enjoyed Anthony's work in the first season of Buck Rogers, as well as his work in Blue Thunder(my second favorite film of all time), the Clint Eastwood westerns, and Star Trek.