Sunday, June 1, 2014

Superman: Warrior of Mars!

If you've friended me on Facebook, you know I've been making some large scores on the comic $1 bin sales over the past month or so.

Finally time to start reading all those purchases!

Here's a fun concept. As a baby, Superman landed on Mars - not Earth. A sword-&-planet proper ER Burroughsian Mars, at that.

Great "what if" concept. Not so well executed, unfortunately. I would love to have read a full issue of Superman in John Carter mode. But, by the midpoint of the issue, the Martians are invading Earth and Superman goes undercover to learn what Earthlings are all about. Predictably, Earth feels more like home than Mars to the Kryptonian, so he sends his adopted brethren packing back to outer space and exiles himself to Earth.

Very nice nod in a panel on the first page, though. (even if it should be Warlord of Mars, not Warrior of Mars.)

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