Thursday, October 30, 2014

Further haunts of October

Well, I'll be busy tomorrow and I'm not sure what other haunts I'll get to before Halloween and October are officially over.  So, here's one more blast of scary tales consumed this month.

"Spirits" by James A. Moore

"Furious Demon" by Addison Clift

"The Phantom Coach" by Amelia B. Edwards

"The Secret of Kralitz" by Henry Kuttner

"The Eater of Souls" by Henry Kuttner

"The Salem Horror" by Henry Kuttner

"Needle Song" by Charles L. Grant

"Wake-up Call" by David J. Schow

Sabrina #1 (comic)

Ghosts #1 (comic)

"Foet" by F. Paul Wilson

"The Candle in the Skull" by Basil Copper

"The Black Stone" by Robert E. Howard

Blood From the Mummy's Tomb (movie)

Straight On 'Til Morning by Christopher Golden (still reading)

Twice-Told Tales (anthology movie - three stories, I've watched the first, "Doctor Heidegger's Experiment")


  1. Good stuff, man. I have read a few but not many

  2. I don't recall if I've read the Kuttner or not. I'm pretty sure I've read the Howard. And I loved Striaght On 'Til Morning.

    1. The Kuttner stories were all from The Book of Iod

      I grabbed Straight On 'Til Morning as an ebook sale. Jim Moore said it was a favorite of his.

    2. Then I have read them. It's been so long since I'd read The Book of Iod that I didn't recall what was and wasn't in it.

      I'm not surprised Moore liked Straight On 'Til Morning (how do you get italics in the comments, anyway?) You should also try Strangewood, also by Christopher Golden. It's Stephen King meets the Wizard of Oz.

  3. The Black Stone is one of my all time favorites. And I've grabbed a whole bunch of Kuttner just lately that I had been light on.