Thursday, January 15, 2015

Atomic Robo & Gravedigger

Two news items of interest to me came across social media feeds today.

First, Atomic Robo is moving on. The comic is being moved from Red 5 Comics, and will now be a web comic. You can read it for free and see what I keep raving about.

See the Twitter announcement here.

They will be posting the 1st volume, and then debuting the upcoming 10th volume. Print issues are no longer offered, but the web comic will eventually offer collected trades. I don't know about rights and what they are doing with volumes 2 - 9.

Second, (and going the other direction) the Gravedigger web comic will be getting a proper comic treatment and be available at Comixology and in print. I really enjoyed the noir flair of Gravedigger. I could easily imagine the two stories as lost Lee Marvin movies.

See Christopher Mills' post here.

Both these comics are worth your time!

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  1. I liked the Sword and Planet stuff Mills did. I haven't actually looked at gravedigger but I know he does quality work.