Thursday, March 12, 2015

Saint Padraig's Day

So, this little poem jumped out of my brain this morning;


Saint Patrick's Day comes 'round,
Folks see shamrocks and leprechauns
Music and drink
I see ancestors
Green landscapes of unforgiving rock
Gods and fighting men
Gaels swinging bloodied swords
Music and drink


Partially inspired by finding this painting on a google search;

"Irish Gael attack a viking raiding party. Painting by Angus McBride"


  1. Drink seems to be a common theme. :)

    1. As will I, only just not green beer. Prickly pear beer, yes; green beer, no.

      Love the poem and the accompanying artwork. One thing I hate about having moved so far from Dallas is that I haven't been able to attend the North Dallas Irish Festival these last few years. In addition to six stages of music and good beverages, there were a number of cultural and historical components.

  2. Uh, that should be North Texas Irish Festival, not North Dallas.