Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Reading Plans

Generally, I almost never make reading plans. I grab whatever strikes my whimsy at the moment I am staring at the abyss of the printed word bookcases.

However, there are things coming down the pike and for once I'd like to be ahead of - or at least on - the curve.

First up, I need to read A Lonely & Curious Country because I want to read what everyone else contributed to the anthology along with me!

Between now and November I want/need to read James A. Moore's The Blasted Lands. The sequel, City of Wonders, is coming out in November.

Also coming out in November will be the comic of Joe Golem by Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden - which puts the original prose novel, Joe Golem & The Drowning City on the short list.

I am seriously considering reading King in Yellow stories - both the Chambers originals and follow-on tales from other writers - as my October horror reads. Mostly because I have one or two story ideas in the milieu and I want to have a solid foundation when I get to work on them.

Longer term, I need to get back to Robert E. Howard re-reads to prepare for Howard Days 2016.

I also need to read some Joe Hill and Mark Morris and hopefully a bit of the other guests, too, before NECON 36 (2016.)

Everytime I think I'd like to stay home and read all day I remind myself that the day job pays for it all. I'll just keep plugging along, one book/story at a time.

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