Tuesday, September 1, 2015

comin' 'round again; Egil & Nix

I had forgotten that Angry Robots were acquired by another publisher. While some series held on with Angry Robot (e.g.; James A. Moore's Seven Forges) other books went to other publishers (e.g.; Chuck Wendig's Miriam Black series.)

Another series that quietly floated off the iceberg was the excellent Egil & Nix sword-&-sorcery series by Paul S. Kemp. (disclaimer: I assume the second novel is excellent, it is still in my tbr pile.)

I was pleased to read this announcement this morning;


Also, if you dig into the table-of-contents, each book contains an excerpt (same one?) from A Conversation in Blood, the new, third entry in the series - due out next year.

Time to move A Discourse In Steel to the top of the tbr pile!


  1. The second novel is better than the first. (Does that make it excellenter?)) I'm glad this series is continuing.

  2. Have not seen this series or read anything by Kemp. Have to have a look see.