Monday, February 22, 2016

Of bald eagles and used books

This weekend we went to the Pioneer Valley area of western Massachusetts. My mother now lives with my sister. My sister and her husband needed to be away for the weekend. So, we packed up and went to stay with Gram and the dogs.

Man, I needed that.

We've visited, of course, many times, but it has been years since I stayed out there for a weekend. When I was single, I dog sat for them quite often. It was really nice to be out in the country - my sister's house is nicknamed "The Shire" for good reason.

Saturday morning started off just right. I was headed to the town market and a bald eagle came cruising along at treetop level - down the middle of the road in the center of town, and over the car.

Aside from reading, games, dogs, television, playing, and visiting, my brother-in-law also got to stop by for a few hours. I took advantage of that and took a short loop to explore used book stores.

First stop was the Montague Book Mill - a quaint spot. It's housed in an old saw mill converted into used book store, artist gallery, cd/DVD/vinyl store & restaurant.

What a spot for a book store.
Then, 15 minutes north to Greenfield for Federal Street Books, which has books coming out its pores. Lots of shelves to peruse. I ran out of time. I hadn't planned enough time and I didn't pump the street meter enough. I came out with books but I had to leave more on the shelves.

Other bird sightings included a pair of pileated woodpeckers and red-tailed hawks.

Drove through Deerfield enough that I should find a good book on the 1704 raid.

Waiting for someone to get home soon!
After the chaos and disorder in the workplace the past few weeks, the getaway was a welcome distraction.

My kids want to do it again, and so do I.

Banks of the Connecticut River


  1. Wish there were more stores like that bookstore around here.