Monday, June 20, 2016

recent read; Red Equinox

Red Equinox by Douglas Wynne

When some people ask or wonder if Lovecraftian fiction is played out and is not applicable to modern times, we now have an excellent example of where an author can take the genre.

Becca Philips is an adventurous photographer who explores urban decay of Boston when she is not combating her seasonal depression. One day, strange images appear through the lens of her camera. Soon, she is the epicenter of a coming apocalypse, hunted by both Starry Wisdom cultists and a government shadow police, SPECTRA. And, her own family ties back to Arkham might have far more to do with her involvement than she ever realized.

Douglas Wynne's Red Equinox is firmly set in the now, with well-done moments of updating the tropes - and here in this story they are the tropes, not the cliches. Wynne understands the alien blend of sorcery and technology at the heart of the horror in Lovecraft and does wonderful, twisted things with it. Wynne also hits many touchstones of Lovecraftian fiction. These "Easter eggs" should bring a grin to any Lovecraft Mythos fan as you come across them in the novel.

Wynne does well presenting real modern characters. Photographers, artists. Agent Brooks - a "cop" with a gambling problem - is the secondary major protagonist of the story and I enjoyed his character.

This story also drips with Boston locations which give the tale a strong veracity. Maybe if you're from out-of-town it might not work as well - or maybe, hopefully, it gives you a real feel for the city, further anchoring the novel along with its characters.

Red Equinox is a solid Lovecraftian novel for the early 21st century. If you are on the hunt for such a read, give this one a look.

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