Wednesday, April 19, 2017

recent read; The Iron Company

The Iron Company by Chris Wraight

I like to knock off a Warhammer novel now and then. This was a good one, focusing on the engineers. Ironblood, an alcoholic washout, is granted forced into a commission to command an artillery company. The army is going to war with local rebels. The rebels have holed up in a near impregnable fortress. Ironblood convinces an old comrade to join the effort. And a dwarf with his own agenda joins in, as well.

Trials and tribulations await. Bloodshed, too. Cannons, and machines, and madmen who consider engineering no better than sorcery. Lots of elements in the story that Wraight blends well.

I enjoyed it.


  1. I haven't read any of these. where should I start if I wanted to?

  2. For Warhammer, I'd start with WITCH FINDER by C. L. Werner or THE BURNING SHORE by Robert Earl or TROLLSLAYER by William King.

    For Warhammer 40,000, EISENHORN by Dan Abnett. If you can't find the omnibus trilogy, the first novel was XENOS.