Sunday, August 24, 2008

But it's not even September

Yeah. I was supposed to keep this blog about my writing, but...

I was at the liquor store yesterday. I was grabbing some beer for our summer cookout. (For those who live in a state where beer is at the supermarket and liquor is a separate store, that's not how it is in Massachusetts.)

The Pumpkin Ales are out already. There were at least five different microbreweries with Pumpkin Ale on the shelf.

I enjoy Pumpkin Ale. I love autumn when Dunkin Donuts carries pumpkin muffins and pumpkin donuts.

But, come on, summer ain't over yet!

I like most Pumpkin Ales but it is a seasonal special and usually has spices and some brands overdo it. I think I'll note which ones I prefer this time around. I just wish I could buy one of each instead of a six-pack each to find out. And for those who say a six-pack shouldn't be an obstacle--well--spiced ales really aren't for bludgeoning brain cells en masse.

Yeah, I'm a beer snob.


  1. I've never had pumpkin ale, but on your comments here I'll have to try it. Does seem kind of early.

  2. I'll try it as well, if I can find it in 'Bama. Does that say "SmuttyNose Brewery " ?

  3. Yeah, SmuttyNose are from NH. There were also PostRoad (MA), Shipyard (ME), Dogfish Head (MD) and I can't recall the fifth brand.

    Not sure what you'll find down your way.

    Happy hunting!

  4. Oh this stuff kind of sounds yummy. I'll have to try it. I just bought some pumpkin-esque wine yesterday.

  5. SmuttyNose makes some good brews, but I can't stand holiday beers, and that includes pumpkin ales and nearly all Christmas beers. All that nutmeg and those holiday spices just aren't my thing, I suppose.

    I know the closest Whole Foods to me (about an hour away in Chapel Hill) carries SmuttyNose, Shipyard and Dogfish Head, so one might check at Whole Foods if there's a store near you. Fresh Market usually has a smaller selection, but I've seen Dogfish Head brews there.