Thursday, August 21, 2008

Into the Ages?

I had much fun reading Captain Alatriste and listening to two Sharpe audiobooks this year.

I wonder if I should try writing a straight historical action adventure novel. No supernatural, no sci-fi - just some hard hitting warfare at some point in human history.


  1. Howard always loved writing historicals. I remember him saying once that he'd do that for the rest of his life if he could earn a living at it.

  2. Audiobooks..Now there's an idea Heff can get in to, as I loathe reading, at least without massive support via pictures..

  3. If they are well-done, audiobooks are great, even if you've read the stuff before.

    For me, they breakup my commute. I don't listen all the time, but I do a few per year from my local library.

    Also allows me to 'read' more "mainstream" books (e.g.; Harry Potter) without interrupting my usual reading.