Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Scores at the Comic Shops

Last month, a local comic store (a mini-chain with three locations) had a sale at their warehouse, and I made quite the splash, picking up a pile of Dynamite's Savage Tales and some trade paperbacks.

This weekend, a different local comic shop had a sale on collected trade hardcovers and paperbacks.   The 'buy 1, get 2 free' sale was limited to a recently acquired collection only.  However, it was a large collection.  Mostly Marvel books, which I wasn't really looking for.  But I did end up with Skaar, Son of Hulk, and Hulk: Planet Skaar.  I am hoping for some flavor of sword-&-planet with those two.

Confession; the third book I acquired was Spider-Man/Red Sonja.  A silly team-up, to be sure.  But, I had my youngest toddler in tow.  I needed to flip through and make quick grabs.


  1. I have about half the Savage Tales-seemed kinda hit and miss there.

  2. Planet Skaar sounds interesting. I will have a look for that.

  3. NSG (or at least nearly-N SG)seem to be well represented on the covers. :)

  4. David; yeah, I'm still hoping/trying to find a Red Sonja story that stirs my blood and mind as well as my loins. I already had 1-3 of Savage Tales, and there have only been 10 (assuming they don't start up again.) For $1 per issue, it was a great cache I found. But, I am still missing #7. Always need to have something else to hunt down.

    Charles; yeah, I didn't know they had done that. My only concern is that some of it takes place on Earth, so I hope it doesn't lose too much sword-&-planet feel.

    Keith; yes, well represented!