Friday, June 7, 2013


I am constantly on the prowl for backlisted books getting the e'books treatment.  Today I thought of Robert Adams' Horseclans series.  I'd read the first two novels but never got back to the series.

It appears they were recently (October 2012) made e'available - at least, on Kindle.

That's the good news.  The bad news is .. well, the cover art could be a lot better.

The Coming of the Horseclans
I know - it's just an ebook - but I still like to see some thought and artistic effort applied to the covers.

Remember when it looked like this?

Also good news; unlike some other series that are back that I feel are overpriced, they're holding the Horseclans e'books to $4.99.  Still probably cheaper to find the used paperbacks, but really not a bad place to start.  Maybe there will be some sales in future.

On the wishlist for now.


  1. Oof, that's one awful cover.

  2. That cover art is horrible. I have read every one of the HOrseclans books. the first three were among the weaker volumes I thought. My favorites were the Bili the Axe tales.

  3. I've not read these but I've wondered about them. Sounds like they're worth it.

  4. Hahaha, the difference between Ken Kelly and the new stuff is staggering. IF I didn't know what the book was I would never even touch it.

  5. David, yeah. Exactly what I thought. This cover makes it look like the worse-end of the self-published scale. No indication at all that it was a semi-big sci-fantasy apocalyptic series of the 1970s-1980s.

    I don't know why people grab these rights and then skimp so cheaply on covers.

    I'd prefer a simple, stock Kindle cover (e.g.; most of the public domain stuff) with no illustration at all over this.

  6. It also sounds like an e-publisher I wouldn't want to support. Googling on "Mundania Press", the third thing to come up was "Mundania Press complaints."

  7. I haven't read these, but I do remember buying the first one in a used book store based on the cover art alone. Sometimes I worry about my own homemade covers. then I see things like this and don't feel so bad...

  8. The new covers are horrible. There are a few fans of the Horesclands books on the Facebook pabe "Friends of the HOrseclans"

  9. The new covers are not up to par at all - they are cheap photoshop style... and this is coming from a person who owns three of the original paintings by Ken Kelly "Horseclans Revenge" "Death of a Legend" "Champion of the Last Battle" !!! ps. still trying to locate the other 15 :)-