Monday, August 5, 2013

Weird Tales originals

At one of my area comic shops this weekend, I noticed they had a cache of original Weird Tales by the register. I hadn't seen them there before, and as soon as the shop owner noticed I was buying Boom Studios' graphic novel of Hawks of Outremer, he pointed them out to me. (Of course, I had already thumbed through them!)

They had some with Robert E. Howard content and some with H. P. Lovecraft though I don't remember exactly what.

So tempting. But at $90~100 per issue I couldn't personally justify a purchase.

Two of the issues they had;

"The Sea-Witch" by Nictzin Dyalhis wound up in Echoes of Valor III thanks to Karl Edward Wagner.


  1. Dyalhis was a very fine writer. I really like his work. Those costs are prohibitive.

  2. I read Echoes of Valor III years ago and remember liking the Dyalhis stories very much. I've been intending to post a profile on him at some point.

    I love the covers, but WT is pretty much out of my price range. Maybe some day.