Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Return of Wagner's Kane (for real)

Not a tease, this time.

Chatting on Fb about Karl Edward Wagner, and the question came up about Kane being out-of-print again, and wondering when the Centipede editions might start to appear (if they are still happening,)
I poked my head in at Amazon.

Boy, was I surprised.

What you're seeing are the ebooks covers I pulled from Barnes & Noble, actually.  Amazon has the books listed, but they have incorrect covers. (and I mean incorrect - wrong book, wrong author.)

Not every Kane tale, of course, but it's great to see something available (or will be available tomorrow!)

Priced at $3.99 each, it's finally a chance for those who haven't experienced Kane to get in the door cheap!


  1. Yes, at least SOME Kane is available as ebooks.

  2. Or, maybe not today. Amazon pushed the date out, Amazon.co.uk is still listing the publish date as today, but the links have disappeared entirely from BN.com

    Which leads me to ask;

    1.) are SF Gateway willing to engage in bootlegging?

    2.) are SF Gateway one of those "loophole trolling" epublishers who try to find loophole were they can publish (fairly recent) non-public-domain, without author estate approval?

    Either of the above would seriously disappoint me.

    3.) Legit rights in UK, still figuring out rights in US. Perhaps the Centipede plans have some influence on this.

    I really hope it is #3.

  3. Currently reading Darkness Weaves in old-fashioned dead tree format right now.

    1. Tom, I think that is the best of the three Kane novels. I enjoyed Bloodstone, but someone pointed out Kane is a bit of a mustache-twirling villain with his political assassination games at the start. Dark Crusade is wild, but it does feel like KEW was cobbling to stretch it to novel length.

      Darkness Weaves seemed to blend everything just right, to me.

  4. I hope these are legit editions that have run into some snags. I've only read some of the Kane stories, but I liked them and intend to read them all. Real soon now.