Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Writing Progress 2017

It is often easier to see the gaps in one's writings (or, whatever art you create.) It's easy to focus on what failed and what you didn't finish.

But sometimes if you take a moment to consider your work, you might surprise yourself.

I meant to focus more on novel writing this year. Because I wasn't as successful there this year as I wanted, I lost a bit of sight on what I managed with short stories earlier this year.

Prompted by a tweet, I made a quick thumbnail for 2017 (as of now.)
  • 8 short stories written & submitted
  • 4 accepted, 3 rejected, 1 still in slush (rejected at one venue, submitted to another)
  • 1 published this year
  • 3 will publish early next year (I hope)
  • 1 short from previous year published
  • Progress on 2 horror novels (still incomplete - hope for final word count between 60K - 75K on each)
    •  1 @ 40K, 1 @ 26K
 I've done better this year than I thought!


  1. That's not a bad year. Four acceptances is not bad. Congratulations on what you accomplished; don't beat yourself up about what you didn't.

    1. Thanks! Aside from submissions and acceptances and rejections, the big personal goal is to get a consistent wordcount, either on a daily or at least weekly basis. I got better at that but still not where I want to be. I will keep iterating on that.

  2. I've pretty much given up on any kind of consistent wordcount. It depends so much on how things work around my job, which is often feast or famine. This is a good production, though. Good work