Wednesday, December 6, 2017

recent read; MAMA TRIED

MAMA TRIED, edited by James R. Tuck
Down & Out Books, 2016

(I'd originally written this review for my blog but decided to pass it along to Jim Cornelius for FRONTIER PARTISANS)

Joe Lansdale prefaced one of his most famous stories with a note that is was "a story that does not flinch."

Although Lansdale is not in this anthology, I think that concept and spirit permeate this anthology. These stories do not flinch. They dig into criminal worlds, telling taut stories that kept me engaged throughout.

For more details, please visit the post at Frontier Partisans.


  1. I've been dipping into this one for the past year. I think I have two stories left. It's a great anthology, one to be savored rather than rushed through.

    1. I agree with that sentiment, too. I wound up blowing through it because it was the book I brought to my in-laws for an overnight during Thanksgiving weekend. :)