Tuesday, December 26, 2017

writing goals 2018

On a Facebook group, someone asked what our writing goals are for 2018. Goals, not resolutions.

So, for the record, and to take a look back later;

I have two unfinished short horror novels. Both are halfway done - if I have my math correct and hit the projected wordcounts.

So, I want those finished next year.

I have a superhero/scifi novel planned. I want that one to reach 100K or more, so I can shop it to the bigger publishers.

I want to get that one written in 2018.

Because of the novel(s) focus, I will be minimal on short stories in 2018. Right now, I am only considering a handful for some specific open calls - which are all happening early in 2018 so I need to get them cranked out soon.

And that is all.

Stretch goals would include; a third short horror novel, and/or another 100K project (probably a fantasy/sword-&-sorcery.)

One person posted a wordcount goal instead of specific projects. I thought that was an interesting take. So, I'll add that. I don't think I could put out a million words like James Reasoner. I am going to say the year goal for fiction wordage is 250K. That will cover the two half-finished novels and a 100K novel with some room to spare for the short stories and some of the stretch goals.

How about you other writers?


  1. Just about to figure out what my word count was this year, which will give me some idea for next