Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mobile improvement

I was over at Adventures Fantastic via my iPhone the other day, and was surprised when the page popped up mobile ready - meaning, it displayed in a way that played 'nice' when viewing from the iPhone.

I found the Blogger setting. Under Settings->Email & Mobile, if you choose "Yes" on the Mobile Template, your blog will be much more easily read when viewed from a mobile phone. It does not affect viewing from the web browser on a computer.

I wonder which display it would use when viewed from an iPad?

Anyway - if you're on Blogger, you might want to change your setting to help out those accessing from mobile devices.

I've made the flip on mine - which you won't notice unless you're viewing from a mobile device, obviously.


  1. Thanks for the reminder and the shoutout, Paul. I forgot I had done that. I went back and checked, and saw I hadn't set Futures Past and Present up that way. It's been corrected on that site now.

  2. One drawback, I can't see my blog roll from that view.

    I suppose I can make a bunch of individual bookmarks.

    You'd think they'd give you a button to get to the list without switching back to Web View.

  3. Yeah, appreciate the hint. I'll give it a look see.