Friday, August 19, 2011

Superfight; Conan vs. Tarzan

I am usually not one for "my favorite fictional hero/villain can beat your favorite fictional hero/villain".

However, I stumbled on this essay this morning, and I think it is really well done. (missed it when originally posted)

Fantasy superfight; Conan vs. Tarzan

Charles Saunders, in addition to Imaro and other "sword & soul" work, also enjoys writing about boxing, so this essay has a definite veracity to it - even though it is, in the end, fiction and therefore never truly decided.

I need to read some more Tarzan titles. I've only read the first novel.


  1. If I were writing that story, they would both be bloodied and bruised, and panting with exertion. Then Imaro would suddenly appear, pursued by an army of [insert universal bad-guys here], and the trio would team up to fight a common foe. It would be an epic fanboigasm!

    Definitely read some more Tarzan. If you have Kindle in some form, many of them are free at Amazon. At least, the earlier ones. As well as a lot of Burroughs' other works.

  2. We had a big debate over this in REHupa once upon a time. I can't remember what the overall sentiment was.