Monday, March 23, 2009

Wow. Sorry for a fallow month.

Lots of things on my mind but nothing worth dumping here.

I suppose I could take time and start posting on various subjects but if I'm going to do any deep writing, it should be on my fiction.

Yes, the gears in my head are churning over some writing possibilities but nothing has been committed to page yet.

I read a good Warhammer trade paperback comic, Condemned by Fire.

(that's right, Heff - pictures!)

It features a Witchhunter, but it is not Mathais Thulmann (see my earlier post.)

These comics, produced by Boom-Studios (as opposed to Black Library, who handle the prose novels) are very nice, though I will be waiting for the tpbs because they are a little thin and pricey as individual issues.

Posting this from a MAC at work, just for fun. (running a job on my pc right now, anyway)