Friday, May 28, 2010

The Lost Sorceress of the Silent Citadel

Last month (or so), a little "lost" sword-&-planet tale by Michael Moorcock showed up on

"The Lost Sorceress of the Silent Citadel" originally appeared in a 1990s anthology.

It's a quick web read, and while nothing amazing, it does what Moorcock does best - a feverish read from what appeared to be a quick writing session. I haven't read too many long novels from Moorcock, and, as James Enge once wrote, to me it feels that Moorcock's best is when the sparks are flying off the typewriter (computer) and the world building is off-the-cuff and only spawning what is needed to support the tale at hand.

Historically, Moorcock has often praised Leigh Brackett's writing, and this story is an homage. Though, I believe it also reads strongly as an homage to C. L. Moore's tales of Northwest Smith. It has more of a 'Weird Tales' strange alien vistas look'n'feel than a planetary swashbuckler.

I did grin, though, when I read "big sleep" and "long goodbye" directly in the prose. Those were two screenplays Leigh Brackett wrote (she did Hollywood screenwriting as well as science-fantasy-fiction.)

It's a good tale for a quick read and it's free.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to the Stupid!

I grow increasingly frustrated, and appalled, and as a parent, frightened by our country's current obsession with being stupid and willingly embracing ignorance.

Why is it a great, wonderful, height of achievement to be a dumbass?

Is this really what we want? Is this a great goal for a nation like ours?

I really hit the wall today - and it was either shout at the innocent clerk or write a nasty letter (I might still) or rant online.

So, please tell me what you think of this genius of a product, clearly aimed at kids;


Erasers. "Yummy Erasers"! Great, choke-sized pieces of rubber not only designed to look like candy, but even named YUMMY.

No problem there!

I might add, the store where I saw these had them at the checkout counter NEXT TO THE CANDY.

OK - I see things differently as a parent, so maybe I'm off the wrong tangent here. But, what the *&^%?

Does anyone think this is a good idea? Would anyone buy this shit?

Yes, you can tell your child it's NOT candy. But what if you have multiple children? Let's say one is a bit older, understands it is not candy, but leaves the eraser out somewhere where their toddler sibling can grab it?

This isn't just badly manufactured, and/or poorly designed toys or something. It is made to LOOK like CANDY. It is clearly PITCHED to KIDS.

Why is this shit even created, produced, and sold?

I really hope no one buys this crap.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lazy bloggin'

Sorry for lack of activity, here.

Nothing much to post about. I've read a few books - nothing bad but nothing to make me jump up & down. I don't feel like sinking time with reviewing them just now.

Also, trying to get writing done so that puts a crimp on blog post writing and/or reading.

I started watching HBO's The Pacific. I agree with a lot of comments about it not being as strong as Band of Brothers. The story is told from p.o.v. of three (or four) different Marines in different units, so it's hard - initially - to get a handle on them. It's not like BoB where you were with one group every step of the way from basic training through to the end.

Enjoying the new Doctor in Doctor Who, though I was really disappointed with the cartoon-y nature of the Dalek episode, "Victory of the Daleks".

Enjoying home life, too. A trip to the zoo with friends last week was fun.