Wednesday, October 20, 2021

new short story in AN UNHOLY THIRST

Pavane Press (Cliff Biggers & Charles R. Rutledge) have released their latest anthology, AN UNHOLY THIRST. As you might infer from the title, the theme is vampires.

My story "The Wreck of the Black Swan" features my occult hero Doran Coyle, last seen in WEIRDBOOK #40.

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 The cover art by Lynne Hansen knocks it right out of the park!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

recent reads; The haunts of Christopher Golden

 It's autumn. It's October. The time for spooky reads has arrived.

I thought I might again try for 31 short stories read in the month. The issue (not really an issue but, you know, *raises hand* reader-type here) with that is that I hop around various collections & anthologies and while I reach my month goal, my goodreads reading challenge invariably slips because it tallies complete books.

So, this year I decided to read short stories but stick with the book(s), as well. Pick one and read it through. Repeat.

Christopher Golden has a new collection out, THE GHOSTS OF WHO YOU WERE. Before getting to that book, I decided to dig into my TBR piles and pull out two older collections; TELL MY SORROW TO THE STONES and DON'T GO ALONE. The latter features co-writes.

Both collections were fun reads. Chris's short story telling has only gotten better over the years. The man can write a ghost story, among all the other weird and haunting tales.

 One tale was a co-write with Thomas Sniegoski, and was set in their The Menagerie series. It was a good calling card. I decided to take a detour and read the first novel, THE NIMBLE MAN. If you want wall-to-wall monster killing and fast-paced urban/dark fantasy action, you should give it a read. I'll be getting back to the series soon.

Great stuff for October!