Sunday, July 25, 2021

HOUR OF THE ROBOT, reviews, requests, and discussion


If you've purchased HOUR OF THE ROBOT, I thank you. If you've read it and left an online review, I also thank you. I know, the 'new' paradigm of reviewing books can be tedious at times. Sometimes it burns me out, too. But, if you've read HOUR OF THE ROBOT and enjoyed it, please consider dropping a quick review on Amazon or goodreads. Just a rating and a few sentences or a paragraph would be great. (I think long reviews on blogs are fine but I don't think they help when combined with other reviews on shopping/rating sites.)

Speaking of reviews, I received a truly wonderful and inspiring review from Ron Fortier, over at Pulp Fiction Reviews. In part;

McNamee clearly spins his tale from the iconic comic book mythos of the twentieth century. ...

“Hour of the Robot” is a terrific first novel and a fun read.  McNamee’s prose is succinct in its brevity detailing the action clearly throughout without wasting so much as a single word. He tells you his story without fancy trappings while at the same time drawing forth really wonderful personalities from his cast of characters. Though based on all too familiar themes, “Hour of the Robot” is really something fresh and exciting and a bravo first novel of a very skillful storyteller.  Honestly, we want more. Lots more.

As part of HOUR OF THE ROBOT promotion, I've been invited by author Dana Cameron to join her and other writers (John Goodrich, Errick Nunnally, and Zin E. Rocklyn) to discuss writing and our recent books. You can view the interview live on Dana's Author Facebook page, Wednesday, July 28th, at 7:30PM EST.

Join us!

If you can't watch live, it will be recorded and posted out to YouTube later.

Monday, July 12, 2021

We happy writing few

This one is for all the writers:

There are times when I walk into Barnes & Noble, and I am equally inspired to write and daunted, as well. It's exciting to think you might one day see your book(s) on that shelf. It's also an overwhelming moment when you think, "How will I ever make a noticeable splash against this tide of books already in the world?"

A friend sent me a kind note regarding the release of HOUR OF THE ROBOT. It served as a good reminder for those moments.

In our writing world, we see it, read it, breathe it. It is not easy to step out and look from a wider perspective. But if you've driven a book to completion, got it out there, put it out there, had people buy it, read it, enjoy it - then remember that you are among a select few. Despite the number of books in the world, if you take a look at the populace of the world, there are few of us who have managed that achievement.

Yes, lots of sales, big sales, tons of favorable reviews would be nice.

But, just start with the kernel of the fact that you've done something many people never will.

Be proud of that for a start.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

HOUR OF THE ROBOT release day is here!

The HOUR OF THE ROBOT is upon us! If you already pre-ordered, I thank you!

From their nerve center penthouse lair, the Robot supports the extraterrestrial superhero of the shining city of Pallas, the Alien. When a train disaster reveals an arms-smuggling operation, the Alien decides it is time for the Robot to join him in the field.

On the other end of the pipeline, in the city of Crowsport, resident vigilante crimefighters, the Protector and his sidekick, the Understudy, are closing in on a local gang boss.

Following the leads of their separate investigations, the Alien and the Protector—with the Robot and the Understudy in tow—serendipitously meet. But when their joint operation is broken, the Robot must step out into the world and work with the crimefighters to bring the suspects to justice.

But are there more dangerous forces at work than they realize?





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