Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Adventures of Doc Atlas


The Adventures of Doc Atlas, Volume 1 

by Michael A. Black & Raymond Louis Lovato

Airship 27 Productions have just (re-)released the initial adventures of Doc Atlas. Their plan is now to move forward with new volumes of new stories.

The cover art pretty much tells you what you're getting. Doc Atlas is a Doc Savage pastiche that doesn't stray far from its roots.

I guess you can consider that Doc Atlas is to Doc Savage as Solar Pons is to Sherlock Holmes.

Atlas is the next generation, adventuring after World War II (these three novellas take place in 1947.) Atlas and his team are headquartered in the Empire State building, just like his predecessor. The team is more streamlined, featuring Ace Assante as an analogous Ham, and Mad Dog Deagan as the analogous Monk. Unlike the stoic Doc Savage, Atlas also has a girlfriend, Penny Cartier.

Another difference is that Atlas and team will kill the bad guys when the danger heats up. No mercy bullets or brain operations to rehabilitate criminals here.

In this volume they take on temple robbers in Mexico, investigate strange airplane crashes in Roswell, and investigate the rise of a new threat in Brazil.

Doc Atlas is a fun pastiche of Doc Savage.

Looking forward to more!