Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Lost Empire of Sol available for pre-order


Back in 2019, I posted about the THE LOST EMPIRE OF SOL. It's been on pre-order status direct from the publisher since then, but the pandemic messed up the release.

Anyway, it's finally ready for wider release now. You can now pre-order the ebook via Amazon. There is a print edition coming as well.

My story, "A Gate in Darkness", closes out the anthology. It was written quite a while ago. I probably have better writing chops now, but I think it's still a decent sword-&-planet action romp.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

recent read; Derrick Ferguson WILL WRITE FOR FOOD

 WILL WRITE FOR FOOD: The Freelance Stories of Derrick Ferguson

Derrick Ferguson has rapidly become one of my favorite writers since I discovered New Pulp and his body of work. He can always spin an unpretentious fun tale that will keep the reader entertained. His Doc Savage/James Bond/international adventurer extraordinaire, Dillon, put him on the map, but rest assured Derrick can write anything that gets thrown at him.

WILL WRITE FOR FOOD is a collection of his non-Dillon work, and for the ebook price of admission, you really shouldn't miss out.

Stories of G-men, 1930s Pacific island adventurers, crime tales, a fantastical voyage of Sinbad the sailor, a superhero throw down, and Old West stories of Bass Reeves.

Put this collection on your list!

Sunday, March 21, 2021

HOUR OF THE ROBOT available for pre-order

My new novel--which is also my debut novel-- from Crossroad Press is now available for ebook pre-order. Yes, there will also be a print edition when the book is released.

Click here for the announcement (along with other books coming.)

If you prefer other ebook platforms, here is the list;



Smashwords (will feed Apple, Overdrive, and some small sites)

Google Play

Should also reach Kobo, if it hasn't already.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The HOUR approaches

 Some upcoming publishing news.

Crossroad Press have picked up my pulp superhero novel, Hour of the Robot. It will be released in July, under their YA imprint, Mystique Press.

 While not the first novel I have written, it is the first novel I haven't trunked and it is, therefore, my debut novel!