Monday, July 30, 2018



AT THE MERCY OF BEASTS is a themed collection of horror novellas. The theme is the past--each story has a historical setting.

"Black's Red Gold" - post World War I, the Texas oil boom leads men to avarice and murder. Deep in the bowels of the earth, Peter Black and his field crew find something potentially more valuable than oil--and far more costly to attain.

"Kennon Road" - during the American occupation of the Philippines in the early 20th century, a madman is viciously murdering people along the new island thoroughfare, Kennon Road. The natives claim it is the work of a demonic Manananggal. The Americans know better. Or, do they? Disillusioned corporal Charles Houghton finds himself drawn into the mystic, horrific world of the dark side of the islands.

"Deadheader" - Fast forwarding to the groovy 1970s, we find trucker Pearlie Pearce, hauling a "no questions asked" cargo. After she picks up a haunted, hitchhiking Vietnam veteran, the haul gets weird and dangerous as the duo are beset by strange attacking creatures and mystery men with their own agenda for Pearlie's cargo.

These are excellent novellas, blending setting, characters, monsters, the evil of men and the evil of monsters, and horror into just the right mix. I enjoyed all of these tales.

If you like horror and you like history, this collection is a must-read.

Friday, July 27, 2018

On the Arm Cast podcast

In the realm of  'small world' syndrome, one of the biggest NECON highlights for me was meeting in person and reconnecting with Armand Rosamilia. We had 'hung out' online at the old sword-&-sorcery forums way back in the day.

He interviewed me for his "Arm Cast" podcast and it was a great chat!

(and do listen to Meghan's interview, too!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

HOUR OF THE ROBOT, coming in September

Pro Se Productions (Pro Se Press,) accepted my proposal for a pulp serial. It should last for a year (12 chapters,) starting in September.

My story is  a superhero adventure. It's an idea that's been rolling around in my head awhile now. I'm excited to commit to it now.

Pro Se have only announced this via Facebook but I am allowed to share the press release.

On July 2nd, Pro Se Productions announced openings for four series in the returning Pro Se Single Shot Signature line of digital episodic series with new chapters/issues released monthly.  In  next eight days, Pro Se received a tremendous amount of submissions.  Due to the quality of submissions, Editor  In Chief Tommy Hancock determined that six series deserved to be accepted and expanded the open slots from four to six.   
“So many fantastic ideas,” says Hancock, “made the choice of just a few series difficult.  When all the proposals were reviewed, six remained that we simply couldn’t not take.  Yes, it’s a little more work for editors, formatters, and artists, but these six tales, in addition to the two remaining from the line’s first incarnation going into August, are most definitely the type of tales that will make the return of the Pro Se Signature Series an incredible hit.”
The accepted series to debut in August are a traditional Western story focusing on the exploits of a lawman and the people around him, WESTERN JUSTICE by Tyler Auffhammer; DIMMERY OF PATROL ACADEMY, an intrigue filled space opera science fiction adventure, by A. S. Crowder; and CITY BE DAMNED, a period urban fantasy noir by Todd Cobb.
In September, the three series to premiere include FRONTIER MAGICK, a colonial supernatural actioner by Teel James Glenn; MISTER STYX, a two fisted mystery man tale, by C. William Russette; and HOUR OF THE ROBOT, a super hero alien thriller by Paul R McNamee. 
The six new series will join Chuck Miller’s THE FABULOUS WORLD OF ZENITH and Philip Athans’ TAI OF THE EBONY JUNGLE as the eight episodic tales that will be a part of the Pro Se Single Shot Signature Series, each monthly episode available for only 99 cents.
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