Monday, August 20, 2018

PICKMAN'S GALLERY available now (print edition)

Today is the anniversary of the birth of H. P. Lovecraft.

I re-read "The Dunwich Horror" yesterday.

Also in celebration, Ulthar Press have released PICKMAN'S GALLERY in print. Ebook to follow. (EDIT: Kindle version is now available)

One of the most popular and enduring characters created by H. P. Lovecraft is the mad artist, Richard Upton Pickman. Introduced in the short story, “Pickman’s Model”, Pickman made another appearance in Lovecraft’s fantasy novel, THE DREAM-QUEST OF UNKNOWN KADATH but was that the end of Pickman’s story? What untold horrors awaited? In this brand new collection of seventeen stories, some of weird fiction’s best authors present their versions of Pickman’s life and after-life. Join Peter Rawlik, Paul McNamee, Joshua Reynolds, Robert Price and more in this excursion into the dark side of art. Once you visit Pickman’s Gallery, you will never see the world the same way again!
Currently, the listing lacks a "Look Inside" preview. But thanks to having a proof copy, I can let you in on the table-of-contents.
  • Introduction by Matthew Carpenter (editor)
  • "One Night South of the Border" by Paul R. McNamee
  • "The Studies of Dr. Reid" by Peter Rawlik
  • "The Ghulistan Affair" by Sam Inabinet
  • "Pigman" by Dave Haendler
  • "A Creak in the Floor" by Victoria Dalpe
  • "Pickman's Model" by Maurice Lane
  • "For Susannah" by Tom Lynch
  • "The Ghoul's Portrait" by Joshua Reynolds
  • "A Pickman Original" by Logan Noble
  • "Pickman's Muse" by Kenneth Heard
  • "Eigenspace X" by Mike Chinn
  • "The Medium and the Message" by LC Von Hessen
  • "Beyond the Veil of Pretty Pink Lies" by Rebecca Allred
  • "Pickman's Model Kit" by Cliff Biggers
  • "The Pickman Revival" by Steven Vance
  • "The Cleaner's Tale" by Tom Johnstone
  • "A Photograph from Life" by Robert M. Price

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

recent read; CEMETERY WORLD

CEMETERY WORLD by Clifford D. Simak

Keith West's recent posts on Simak spurred me to dig this out and read it.

This book is a throwback to the era of Cold War science fiction. Its story is told in 150 pages. A quick, fun read. I enjoyed most of it though it invoked some time travel near the end which felt out of place.

In the far future, generations after the "Final War" and the migration into space, Earth has become a huge cemetery. The Cemetery Corporation make good money as a tourist destination, pilgrimage destination, and final resting place for those who can afford it.

But the Earth isn't yet *all* cemetery. There are people who work for Cemetery who still live there. And there are still some outcast groups and monsters of the past to be found in the wilderness.

Artist Fletcher Carson arrives to create a great work of art from the impressions and experiences of visiting Mother Earth and Cemetery. Along with archaeologist Cynthia, and Elmer, the robot, they head into the wilds, encountering strange wonders, and sabotage at the hands of Cemetery. The corporation wants *their* version of the story told, not Carson's independent study.

Maybe the story isn't classic or even Simak's best but it breezes along nicely.

The world needs more stories with 8-foot robots named Elmer.

CEMETERY WORLD is out-of-print in the US but frustratingly available in the UK as an ebook from the Gollancz SCI FI GATEWAY imprint. (I really wish more of those ebooks would be made available to North American consumers.)

Thursday, August 2, 2018

2 story acceptances announced

These were announced on Facebook pages, not main site pages. I think most people have seen my shares from Facebook, but if not;

I have a story coming in Weirdbook. "Pouring Whiskey on My Soul" will be in issue #40. I am not sure when it comes out. #39 just came out two weeks ago, give or take. #40 will be out this year, though.

Next, Ulthar Press announced their PICKMAN'S GALLERY anthology is scheduled for an August release. My story in that book is entitled, "One Night South of the Border."

I will, of course, post when these tales are published and ready for consumption!