Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quiet October

Well, it's been a quiet month on my blog, anyway.  Lots of busy stuff at home and work.  Nothing I really felt like blogging about.

One thing I came across yesterday was a free teaser comic for Avenging Spider-man, which despite its name, is more about Spider-man team-ups than Spider-man p.o.v. Avengers stories.  That could be interesting.  Sounds a little like a Spider-man version of Batman: the Brave & the Bold. (serious take, though, not like the humorous t.v. show.)

I haven't really bought much Marvel, been hanging tight with DC.  But, as a kid I always liked Spider-man.  This title is supposed to focus more on the hero than the alter-ego stories of Peter Parker.

I might give it a try, it starts its run in November.


  1. if it really is like the old "Marvel Team-Up" series, it could be cool.

  2. Like you, I read more DC than Marvel back when I was reading comics on a regular basis (before time and money restrictions kicked in), but I was Spiderman fan. This one sounds like it's worth checking out, especially if it's like the B&B or DC Comics Presents stories I read as a kid.

  3. I hear ya, this has been the most silent month for me since I got into blogging/surfing etc etc.

  4. Most of the comics I read as a kid were Marvel. I guess I'm still more Marvel than DC, but have been doing more independents these days.