Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book cover pr0n!

These popped up on Amazon finally!

And, cover not on Amazon yet, but it is on display at Subterranean Press;


  1. STICKS!!!

    Probably the last great short story I have heard so much about and still need to read. I love KEW.

  2. David, you will love "Sticks". As I recall, it features New England megalithic sites, as Lovecraft liked to do. (and I know how much you enjoy North American pre-history.)

    Speaking of which, there is an old essay, "Lovecraft and the New England Megaliths" that describes many New England sites that piqued Lovecraft's imagination. I tried to find in online for you, but there's not a copy online. (It was in an old Arkham House book, The Dark Brotherhood. I borrowed from the library many years ago.)

  3. I appreciate that Paul, I'll have to try and find a copy-and now that I have a Kindle Fire, I'll be paying more attention to all your ebook freebies and such news.