Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blood & Thunder in paperback

Just saw a note on my Facebook Pulp Coming Attractions feed that Mark Finn's comprehensive biography of Robert E. Howard, Blood & Thunder, is now available as on-demand paperback from Lulu.

Yes, as big as an REH fan that I am, I have yet to get this tome.  I'll be ordering mine this evening.


  1. My only lament is that it's a bit pricey for me. I would love to read it (or even the original version), but I simply can't spare that kind of scratch for a single book.

    A least, not right this minute.

  2. It's worth reading if you can get a copy. I grabbed it in hardback, but I also knew I would see Mark and get him to sign it.

  3. Read the earlier version about four years ago, and I can definitely recommend it for Howard fan. "Blood & Thunder," along with Novalyne Price's "One Who Walked Alone," are excellent resources about the father of S&S.