Tuesday, April 9, 2024


I've chosen May 14th for the release of my first collection of short stories. Nearly all of these tales have been previously published, and there is a new story here for the first time (the story, in fact, which the cover art illustrates.)

These stories will take you to tropical islands where spears and sorcery stand against gods and demons. You will meet a girl and her troll. Journey to a shadowy past where a veteran of the American Revolutionary War confronts dark forces. Travel to strange planets far away, and experience war in a North American timeline that never was.

I could probably get the book out earlier, but first-time jitters. I want lead time if I need it. As of now, I put the book through KDP. Awaiting the print proof.

I also plan on listing through IngramSpark, so that bookstores and libraries can (or, will be more willing) to order the book.

Because of the way KDP works, the Kindle edition is already listed for pre-order!

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