Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Alien planet?

Alien planet?

No, it's Earth. China, to be exact. I got this from

Out of This World
This unique geological phenomenon, known as a Danxia landform, can be seen in several places in China. This example is located in Zhangye, Gansu Province. The color is a result of millions of years of accumulated red sandstone and other sediments that have dried and oxidized.

A little sword-&-planet inspiration, though, eh? ;)


  1. Cool. There for a minute I thought I may have eaten some cow-pie mushrooms earlier....

  2. that is definitely cool. It gets a WHOA from me.

  3. It's probably from all their carbon emissions!


  4. Heff - yeah, it's trippy.

    Charles - I even sent it to Jeff D. for painting inspiration.

    Wil - Lead is one helluva drug.

    Rowe - thanks for stopping by!