Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Black Library (open letter)

Dear Black Library,

You can stop now. Really. I just don't have time to follow two universes with multiple self-contained series. I have other books to read. I have too many of your books on my shelf unread, as it is.

Really. Please stop with the interesting cover blurbs and the eye catching art on the new stuff.


Also, please stop dropping all these damn good-looking omnibuses on me. It's bad enough I'm interested in your new titles. Then you turn around and create opportunities for me to 'catch up' with reasonably priced, three-for-one omnibuses of previous titles which triples my to-be-read pile in an instant.


Then to top it all off, you provide incredible cover art that makes me drool. It is very hard not to buy an omnibus like the Witch Hunter series. I already have the novels, but then you add a bonus story! Please stop.

Now you've gone and done this. And even though I have these novels, well, ... that cover. If there's a bonus story in this one, all is lost.



  1. We have a Black Library in town, but it's not quite the same....

  2. I know what you mean. I am so doomed...and yet so happy. I don't think I saw the Brunner book...By Sigmar's Balls! Now I have another book I have to get...and by Werner no less!!!

  3. The Brunner omnibus is yet to be released. The cover art was hidden away on the BL Facebook page. It is due out sometime this year.