Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heading into July

Nothing major to write about, this time around.  Looking forward to the 4th of July holiday and long weekend coming.  Those who know me on Facebook know my wife just went through a hysterectomy - so most of my time right now is wrangling our two toddlers even more than usual (even with other helping hands on-board at our house.)

I did make a big splash at a comic store sale last week.  I also finished reading an interesting, if quirky, lost French scifi novel, which I'll be posting about on my next reading wrap-up.

For a little bit I am going to stay off novels, finish reading the Paizo collection, Who Fears the Devil? by Manly Wade Wellman and alternate those stories with a stockpile of comics I have built-up.


  1. Not being on Facebook, the hysterectomy is news to me. We did that about 14 months ago, so I have some idea what you're going through. I wish your wife a quick recovery. It takes time to get back on your feet after one of those.

  2. I've been more in a novel mood lately myself, but short novels.