Monday, August 29, 2016

Reading all over the map

Summer isn't quite done, but I'm anxious for autumn. Mostly, I want to get in the right (write) mood for drafting horror and ghost stories. Sure, I can do it anytime, but atmosphere helps.

I signed up (i.e.; spent money) and joined Audible, so any full novel 'reads' I do for a while will be in that manner. I've already been through James A. Moore's THE SILENT ARMY, the first Sherlock Holmes, A STUDY IN SCARLET and I just finished THE BEASTS OF TARZAN.

For real reading, I'm jumping around various anthologies and collections, mostly horror. Algernon Blackwood's ANCIENT SORCERIES. THE BEST OF NEW HORROR Vol. 25.  Reading my co-authors in CARNACKI: THE LOST CASES.

Plus some comics. Got in the mood for Iron Man last night, so started on IRON MAN, ESSENTIAL VOL 2.

Oh, and going back to my Weird New England roots - also reading about THE GREAT NEW ENGLAND SEA SERPENT. (blame that one on the whale watch we went on last week)


  1. Tell me more about this sea serpent...

  2. Sightings potentially from native tribes up through 1800s, at least. Ranging from Maine south to Long Island.

    One summer in early 1800s there were many, consistent sightings in Gloucester Harbor, MA.

  3. Oh, and add SKELOS Issue #1 to that list, too!

  4. I remember reading about this sea serpent when I was a kid. I've ordered the book.

  5. I'mm waiting on my copy of Skelos to come and I bought Carnacki too, I'll dig into it soon.