Saturday, September 27, 2014

recent read; Operation: Ice Bat

Operation: Ice Bat

Not only did attending NECON give my horror reading an extra kick, it also made me want to read stories from many of the writers I met. I did seek out various novel titles for my wishlists, but anthologies are an even quicker way of delivering my needs. Fortunately, over the years, a great many of the writers have featured together in anthologies. (There are even some NECON specific anthologies.)  I picked up on this benefit anthology, and it seemed a good place to start, and it featured many NECON attendees.

It's a solid anthology with varying degrees of horrors sub-genres. One or two of the stories didn't match my tastes, but overall it was an entertaining group of stories. That is usually the case with any anthology. For the ebook price, the cause and the variety, Operation: Ice Bat is a sure bet if you're looking for some horror reads.


  1. Haven't been reading a lot of horror lately.

  2. Update; this ebook will be going away Oct 1st (I guess they've reached a goal - I hadn't really thought about what you do with a charity anthology once the needs have been met) If you're interested, you need to acquire it by Oct 1.