Friday, October 31, 2014

Lost in the shuffle (Night Shade Books and total lack of promotion)

Looks neat doesn't it?

I found it HERE.

And that, my friends, is a problem.

Because I didn't know about it. Thanks to Amazon for all that consumer-specific data mining. I saw the link.

I follow Night Shade Books on Facebook and Twitter.


I forget who bought out Night Shade Books. But, they haven't done an update to their Facebook page in over a year. Which isn't too smart because they have been putting out books. 

I went to their main page. The Facebook link went to the un-updated page. The Twitter links goes to a new, unsetup Twitter feed - not the one I had been following.

Newsfeed on their main page, too, is spotty. This book was released 07-October-2014, according to Amazon. No news item on that day about the release.  AT ALL.

 This is NOT going to help keep the imprint alive, people!


  1. I saw this book in B&N earlier in the month. First I'd heard of it. It seems to be a sequel to another book I've never heard of, and for that reason it stayed on the shelf. I may still pick it up if I find the first book.

    Hopefully, this is only a glitch as the new publishers ramp up production.

  2. I know I've seen the cover before - long time ago. So they could have said - "this is coming" a long time ago and since they haven't- it does make for troubling news of the imprint