Wednesday, October 1, 2014

loot: Horror Gems, Volume 2

Horror Gems, Vol. Two

I stumbled on this series on Amazon one day through various searches. I don't know anything about the Armchair Fiction publisher but the table-of-contents were intriguing. I went with Volume 2, rather than Volume 1, because I wanted to read a Joseph Payne Brennan story.

It's a nice print book.

Table of contents are a bit slammed in there, and I saw no original copyright or first appearance information. I could look it up on the internet, but it would be nice if it were handy in the book.

I would guess that these are all public domain grabs. Nothing wrong with that to me as long as they're truly public and they are presented well.

I found the lack of an overall introduction odd. In the actual content, some stories have introductions and some don't. Again, odd.

Nice font and layout.

My only complaint here is that the font, while nice, is a bit light on the page. It could be darker.

It is what I expected and looks like a fun series of books. Once I get to reading it, I'll let you know if there are typo issues.

If I like it, I'll certainly consider acquiring more.


  1. Armchair has been doing a lot of reprints of stuff from the pulps. I'm not sure about the public domain issue.

    Someone needs to do an inexpensive collection of Brennan's work. I've got a couple of his collections and would really like to read more of his stuff.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you think about this book.

  2. As you guys know, Brennan is one of my favorites, and yeah, somebody really should do a new affordable collection, even if it's only for Kindle.